JavaScript Development with modern Technologies

Hello, I am Marley (nicname)!
Here i plan collect materials, that can help me in my projects.
If you are interesting in JS and JS frameworks you can add you samples.
May be it can help someone in the future.

OpenSource project with codes on bitbucket.

Please correct my english grammar! My native language is russian! And unfortunately i had studied german in the school.

babel webpack

Introduction to Node.js (Free VideoCourse by Microsoft)

The ultimate beginner guide to creating web applications using Node.js, Express and MongoDB.


If you interesting in modern javascript and watching video courses, this website can be interesting for you

All about video courses and materials to study javascript is here.

If you can recommend interesting video courses or agree to share your experience, do it in our chat.

jsdev chat room jsdev build status open issue

[Traversy Media] Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks 2017

And I’m looking open source projects to use codes as examlple for my future projects.

I want to improve my English. If it possible, please correct my mistakes. I will appreciate it.