Chrome for Development

Dark theme for Chrome console

Chrome Console Settings > Preferences > Appearance > Theme > Dark

Disable caching in Chrome Developer Tools

Developer Tools (Ctrl + Shift + I) > Menu icon (3 vertical dots) > Settings > Preferences > scroll down the list to “Network section” and you’ll see the “Disable cache” while DevTools is open

Chrome Extensions for Development

  • Angular DevTools (by Angular)
  • Redux DevTools
  • Quick JavaScript Switcher
  • EditThisCookie
  • GoFullPage
  • SetupVPN
  • LanguageTool
  • grammarly

  • I don’t care about cookies
  • SponsorBlock for YouTube
  • Return YouTube Dislikes
  • Youtube-shorts block (


  • Apollo Client Developer Tools

Dark theme for All websites in Chrome (Possible shitty result)

1. Chrome://flags on the address bar.

2. Type 'Dark Mode'

3. Enable the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents and relaunch Chrome.